Arcade1Up Mod Kits to Customize Your Home Arcade


Arcade1Up has become a leader in the home arcade industry with its 3/4 size arcade replica cabinets. Due to their popularity, an entire modding community has sprung up around them. In addition to the DIY options, with numerous instructional videos available, businesses offer modding kits to make it easier on those who don’t want to start a true DIY project. In this article, we’ll discuss what Arcade1Up mod kits are, why they’re useful, and where to buy them. We’ll also provide examples of successful mods and help you make your own.

What Are Arcade1Up Mod Kits?

Arcade1Up mod kits have become popular due to their simplicity in allowing Arcade1Up owners to customize their arcade machines. Depending on what you want to do, there is probably a mod for you. If you’re looking to customize your Arcade1Up machine, you can find several options online. Arcademodup, for example, offers a wide variety of graphic wraps for its cabinets. These wraps cover every inch of the cabinet and are available at a cost of $99 for a full kit. Individual pieces cost $15, but you can save money by buying a larger kit. They offer a wide range of mod kits such as light-up marquees, joysticks, buttons, and even adding games to your Arcade1Up with Raspberry Pi kits with thousands of games. While installing a Raspberry Pi mod is more technical than others, it isn’t difficult. Additionally, you get many more games than other multicade systems like the AtGames Legends Ultimate retro arcade machine.

Arcade1Up Modding Examples

Many Arcade1Up mod kits are intended to add additional games to the stock options. These kits often contain everything needed to modify and upgrade your Arcade1Up machine. Thousands of arcade and console games are supported, and you can add up to four players. The entire process is done in-house, and most kits ship the same day or the next day. Here are some examples of arcade1up mod kits. Depending on the level of customization you want, you may decide to add LED lights, new speakers, a bigger monitor, or additional joysticks.

Some arcade1up cabinets include physical chassis and virtual games. For the most part, Arcade1Up machines are arcade-accurate reproductions. Although this is mostly true, some improvements can be made, such as improving the typically lackluster marquee, joysticks, or buttons. These are the normal mods that even a beginner can do with relative ease.

Some of the more complex mods include tilting the screen or control deck, replacing the monitor, or installing a RetroPie setup. If you are interested, you can install a mini-fridge in an Arcade1Up cabinet. If you were to be trying these on your own, be prepared for some trial and error until it is right. Fortunately, these pre-made kits make it much easier to mod your arcade cabinet.

Where to Buy Arcade1Up Mod Kits?

If you want to make your arcade1up look more like a real-world game room, you can get ArcadeModUp Mod Kits from various online retailers. ArcadeModUp is one of the most popular producers of mod kits online. Their Raspberry Pi mod is very popular as it allows for thousands of games on an Arcade1Up machine.