Getting Started with Arcade1Up Arcade Cabinets


This Arcade1Up guide is an excellent resource to learn more about this popular series of arcade games and cabinets. This article will cover the history of the game, the Iconic Arcade Games, Digital arcade pinball machines, the Arcade1Up Partycade, and the Countercade. You’ll also find tips for getting started and how to master the most popular games. This is the ultimate guide to the world of home arcade games. 

What is Arcade1Up?

If you love the nostalgia of arcade games, then you will certainly appreciate the latest offerings from Arcade1Up. The company crafts a variety of 3/4-scale arcade cabinets with replica art and glowing marquees. The Arcade1Up line of gaming cabinets is available through major retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Best Buy. 

The company has created various arcade cabinets that emulate classic arcade games such as Tempest, Centipede, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat. The company was pleasantly surprised by the impact of COVID-19 on their business as their sales went through the roof. CEO Scott Bachrach recently discussed some of his future business plans to add even more retro titles to their already impressive lineup. Arcade1Up has a great future ahead of them. The company is a leading retro gaming manufacturer. And with a wealth of experience in the field, Arcade1Up has the know-how to take your classic arcade games to the next level.

Arcade1Up’s Iconic Arcade Games

To begin with, Arcade1Up offers collections based on specific publishers or series. In the case of fighting games, for example, there are arcade cabinets dedicated to each franchise such as Midway’s Mortal Kombat or Capcom’s Street Fighter. In addition, the company has experimented with tabletop cocktail cabinets (think Pizza Hut in the 80s and 90s) to adapt popular bar games for home use. Eventually, the company branched into digital pinball and their couchcade line.

There are a lot of iconic arcade games to choose from in Arcade1Up’s line of home gaming machines. Although most machines have a marquee game (i.e. Arcade1Up Xmen), many include a variety of games made by that same manufacturer. For example, the Midway Legacy, featuring the Mortal Kombat series (1-3) also includes 12 other games like Rampage, Gauntlet, and Defender. Arcade1Up has added multiple cabinet styles, including one for Killer Instinct.

Digital Arcade1Up Pinball Machines

The Arcade1Up pinball machines feature an accelerometer that simulates the tilting of a pinball cabinet. This feature helps keep the ball on target, but can also cause the player to lose a turn. This feature isn’t available on all digital pinball machines, but the Arcade1Up model offers several advantages over other models. It also features better electronics and quieter fans. The Arcade1Up pinball machine is available for purchase at Walmart and other big-name retailers.

The Arcade1Up Marvel pinball machine features a 23.8″ LCD playing field and supports several Marvel styles. It also offers real-feel flippers and supports nudge and tilt for more realistic gameplay. It also comes with 10 Marvel-themed games, including Captain America, Superman, and The Incredibles. Regardless of your favorite hero, you’ll find something that will please every member of the family.

The Arcade1Up Star Wars pinball machine features ten digital pinball games. It is 75% smaller than a normal pinball machine and offers stereo sound and haptic feedback. Users can select a table from a menu, and then start playing. Overall, their pinball machines, while smaller offer a realistic experience at an affordable price.

Arcade1Up Partycade and Countercade

If you’re looking for a great gift that will entertain guests, consider the Arcade1Up Partycade or Countercade. These arcade machines have multiple games in one, are very affordable, and come with all of the mounting hardware you need. With over 8 games, the Arcade1Up Partycade will have everyone at the party talking. Arcade1Up also offers numerous variants, including Ms. Pac-Man, so guests can pick the game they prefer.

The Arcade1Up Partycade and Countercade are slim, medium-sized models that can be displayed on a tabletop, hung over a door, or wall. The original partycades were sold exclusively on QVC/HSN and featured Pac-Man, Super Pac-Man, and Pac & Pal. New versions are available with Xevious and Dig Dug, and many other classic games.

Arcade1Up Gaming Cocktail Tables

Arcade1Up offers a line of gaming cocktail tables that are straight out of a Pizza Hut from years ago. Available in numerous models, these create a feeling of nostalgia if you ever played Dig-Dug, Pac-Man, or Street Fighter on one of these little wonders.

One of their more unique cocktail table offerings, the Pong Head-to-Head Gaming Cocktail Table from Arcade1Up is a great way to recreate the classic arcade experience. Standing at 29 inches tall, the table is an instant conversation piece and comes with a clear cover top to protect the screen. The table is topped with a Pong game with a custom control deck overlay and is sure to become a talking point with your friends.

General Arcade1Up Dimensions and Technology

The Arcade1Up cabinets are mostly designed around being 3/4 scale home arcade machines. Designed by Tastemakers CEO Scott Bachrach, Arcade1Up fills a void in the market for classic games. While the price point is low, quality control issues were a major issue in the early days, with questions raised over the quality of the build and the LCD screens. In recent years, the quality has improved, the price has risen, and additional features have been offered such as included risers, light-up marquees, stools, and online play (free without a subscription required). One of the more prominent comparisons of an Arcade1Up vs real arcade is the fact that the Arcade1Up is much lighter with a smaller footprint. This makes these machines much more useful for smaller home environments.

One of their newer lines of arcade games, Arcade1Up Golden Tee 3D, is part of the Arcade1Up Pro/XL models, which are almost the same height as the original arcades (66″). They come with improved sound, a larger screen, and online play. 

What to Know About Arcade1Up Mod Kits

You’ve probably already heard about arcade1up mod kits, but what exactly do they entail? These kits come with everything you need to modify your arcade machine, from adding new arcade games to new wiring. You can even buy a set of Arcade1Up cabinet graphic wraps to customize the look of your game. You can pay $99 for the full kit or just pay for individual pieces. You can also upload your own Photoshop file to create custom graphics for your machine. In addition to the Arcade1Up Mod Kit, you can also purchase backlit marquees, retropie Arcade1Up setups, and a myriad of other mods.

Where to Buy Arcade1Up

If you’re in the market for a new arcade game console, you’re probably wondering where to buy Arcade1up games. While Arcade1up is an established name in the arcade gaming industry, you can also find these products through other retailers. These products are available for purchase through Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and Walmart, though the company does not personally ship internationally. In addition to the United States, retailers in Europe and Canada also carry the Arcade1up line.